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The Highest & Best Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol
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Get Rewards Every 15 Minutes / 96 Times Daily!

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Stay ahead of market with our amazing AI powered tools.

SafuFinance App Prototype

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TOOL 1/13

Spycam Satellite- Get best prices from top exchanges

A DEX aggregator to give you the minimum rate across all exchanges.

TOOL 2/13

My Portfolio

Create the best portfolio from our AI powered ready-made portfolios and AI powered suggestions for buying best token.

TOOL 3/13

Buy, Sell and Earn Rewards

Use our application to buy and sell and earn rewards in our token, the more you trade the more rewards you will get.

TOOL 4/13

New Listing

Users will be able to get notifications and updated lists daily for new token listings.

TOOL 5/13

News and Blog

Always be updated and informed about latest news and happening in crypto world.

TOOL 6/13

Pump and Dump

Get notified about pump and dump happenings.

TOOL 7/13

Whale Alert

Get notified about big buy and sell orders.

TOOL 8/13

Watch List

Add tokens to keep track of them.

TOOL 9/13


A low-code auth protocol to allow businesses to integrate their tokens into existing websites and applications.
TOOL 10/13

Voting for investors

A voting-as-a-service platform where we empower our token holders in the decision making process.

TOOL 11/13


A staking-as-a-service platform where businesses can reward their token holders with tokens.
TOOL 12/13

All in one Wallet

Keep track of all your wallets in our single app.

TOOL 13/13

Readymade Portfolio

Directly invest in our ready made portfolios as per your risk appetite.

Gaming Token

Get the readymade Gaming tokens portfolio.

Meta Token

Get ready made metaverse tokens portfolio.

NFT Token

Get the best readymade NFT tokens portfolio.

Top 100

Get readymade best of top 100 tokens portfolio.

Defi Token

Get ready-made Defi tokens portfolio to invest.

All Season

Get readymade best tokens portfolio to invest anytime.

Rising Token

Get readymade most demanding and trending tokens portfolio to invest.

Small cap & Large cap

Get ready made small and large cap tokens portfolio to invest.


Why Choose Us?

The Most Trusted AI asset management app.

Track all of your balances from all in one wallet app

Adequate security and encryption to ensure safety and privacy of data.
Guaranteed industry standard

Earn Up To 1000% hodling Day Trading Signals & high impact fundamentals.

Receive coins exit/risk management alert based on on-chain data
Get instant whale alert & big movers notification

Earn rewards in SFA token for using app.